Tahoe SUP Bliss 11'6

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Tahoe SUP Bliss 11'6

Tahoe SUP - 11'6" x 29" BLISS™ Touring Standup Paddle Board is the lighter, faster, stronger version of the board that women have dreamed of attaining for years! The advanced, lightweight composite construction is equaled by its durability, perfect for everyday use for fitness, recreational paddling, or weekend outings with your four-legged friend.

With a new sculpted body shape for maximum efficiency and technical tweaks that increased stability, the Bliss™ is a mantra for adventure seekers and yoga sessions, seasoned paddlers and beginners. So toe the starting line, touch your toes or tow the kids around, the Bliss™ has you covered.

Product Features:

- Piercing Displacement Hull

- Front and Rear Oversized Decks

- Recessed Standing Area

- 10" Fin

- Extra Comfort Handle

- PINEWOODtech construction

- Gore-Tex Vent Plug

- Brushed EVA Deck Pad

About Construction:

PINEWOODtechô is an epoxy lamination which includes real pinewood sheets fastened together and vacuumed over a lightweight EPS foam core. The natural grain of PINEWOODtechô creates the style we've been known for but also the technology creates a lightweight board while improving the strength, rigidity and durability.

Board Features:

Tahoe single fin Our custom designed touring fin keeps you on course and maximizes your number of strokes per side. The foiled design reduces drag but with plenty of volume to increase the boards stability in choppy conditions.

Brushed EVA deck pad The Brushed EVA traction pad offers the best of both worlds. The plush finish provides great traction and keeps your feet comfortable. Happy feet make happy paddlers.

Gore-Tex Vent Plug

The waterproof Gore-Tex vent allows air to move in and out of the board due to temperature or altitude changes. The vent has been factory installed and does not need to be removed.

Oversized Deck Plug System

The oversized deck plugs accommodate the RAM Leash Plug Adapter with 1" Ball. From there you customize your board with everything from fishing rod holders, GoPro or phone mounts or cup holders.

Piercing Displacement Hull

This advanced hull design provides an efficient glide by engaging the nose of the board into the water smoothly, allowing for maximum acceleration. Refined over years of Research and Development, the technology delivers what we call Performance Touring.

Recessed Standing Area 

This design feature is a key element in the performance of the board that lowers the center of gravity, creating more stability, efficiency and comfort. By moving the volume out of the standing area and into where it is needed we were also able to reduce the weight of the board.